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WSFED - the World Slackline Federation

The WSFED was created unanimously by its members on 20th of May 2011 for the reason of supporting and strengthening the interests of a steadily growing international community of slackliners.

Our main goal is to provide common rules, standards and regulations for all regional, national and international contests licensed by WSFED for safe and fair contests and to create and maintain an international ranking list!

Furthermore the WSFED is aiming to offer trainings and certifications for contest judges and slackline teachers to guarantee high quality contests, events and workshops worldwide.

Good reasons for working with WSFED:

- A certification for handing out WSFED Ranking points
- A standard for slackline contests to ensure a fair platform for athletes
- Template files for contest organisation
- Checklists for contest risk assessment
- A growing WSFED registered network of slackline judges
- Official usage rights of WSFED certification/logo on web and print material

Apply for WSFED Event certification

As a WSFED-certified organizer you will be provided with all the information you need for making an outstanding but safe contest! The rules and regulations we offer have been created together with the best slackliners in the world to assure adequate risk management and a standard in setup and safety for all athletes and other participants.

Download: WSFed Contest Application form

View WSFED contest structures

The WSFED offers various licenses for contests. Whether World Cup Events, Slackline Opens, Slackline Jams, National Championships or the World Championships.

Get more information about WSFED contest structures: WSFed RuleBook

Register for WSFED World Ranking List

Any Slackline athlete who wishes to collect ranking points in competing in the WSFED world ranking list can get the WRL-Registration here.

WSFED World Ranking Lists

Click here to view the current standings of the women and men WSFED world ranking list.

View WSFED contests schedule

Here you can find all dates and information about upcoming WSFed licenced slackline contests.

How to become a WSFED Slackline Contest Judge: Information for and about judges

Contact us here: info@wsfed.com

Read the german Charter of Association here.